Muskoka Discovery Centre Gravenhurst, Ontario
October 4th, 5th & 6th
  •  CONNECT : Meet hundreds of like-minded women
  • COLLABORATE : Network with Visionaries, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Creatives
  •  GROW : Learn from top notch Speakers with vast levels and depth of experience, expertise and insight in life & business 
  •  UNLEASH : There is an inner power that exists within you, here is where you'll set her free
  •   CUSTOMIZE : Customize your entire event experience by attending breakout sessions with Speakers relevant to your own aspirations!
  •  INDULGE: Enjoy locally made food, drink & champagne during the Saturday evening Gala (included in ticket price)
  •  BREAKTHROUGH : you've spent long enough standing in your own way, this weekend will be a pivotal point in your journey
  •  VIP: Enjoy an intimate evening with the Speakers with dinner, cocktails and powerful conversations (purchase necessary, while quantities last)
 ⚠️ VIP SOLD OUT! ⚠️
International Speaker, Success Coach & Author 
Samantha Kris is an international success coach, author and speaker. She is also the founder of the Bossing Up movement, which empowers people to elevate their inner Boss and create opportunities for success.

Samantha is a TEDx speaker, contributor for Breakfast Television and recognized as one of the Top Women CEOs in Montreal.
3X Best Selling Author, Founder of YGTMAMA inc.
Sabrina Greer is a 3x best-selling author, mommy-blogger, founder of YGTMAMA Inc. a virtual community for mothers, host of You’ve Got This, Mama - The Podcast and an outnumbered mama to three amazing boys. Her studies in developmental psychology and early childhood education have served her well in motherhood, her career,
and in life. Sabrina is an aspiring philanthropist and the Eastern Canada Ambassador for Mamas for Mamas; a charity that bridges the social/economic gap for families. When her multiple hats are on their hooks, you will likely find her near water enjoying her favourite muse, Mama Nature. 
Daniele Driuso
Voice & Leadership Coach
Daniele Driusso is the powerhouse voice and leadership coach behind the Unleash Your Voice podcast. With more than 8 years of experience in voice and performance, Daniele has worked with individuals of all ages from emerging young leaders to well-known multiple 6-figure business owners around the world on how to connect to their voice and get really loud about embracing what makes them unique in this world. Daniele believes in creating platforms for personal development in a way that challenges individuals to be so wildly obsessed with their own self-discovery, they stop being wildly obsessed about other peoples opinions of who they are. Her mantra “You’re fabulous, stop being so secretive about it” has become a war-cry to her clients and students who continue to get their heart centred work to the world around them through intentional marketing, and unshakable confidence.
Author, Speaker & Life Coach
Marsha is the 6 time Bestselling Author of “When She Stopped Asking Why”. She shares her lessons as a parent who dealt with teen substance abuse far past the level of normal experimentation. Marsha believes that “life will always bring us challenges, it is what we do with these challenges that matters.”

Through her programs, coaching and live events for women, Marsha is on a mission to teach others how to find their personal power by owning their stories, and being vulnerable and creating boundaries in their lives. She continues to create a platform teaching people how to free themselves of their stories while creating a massive impact in the lives of others.
Author & Soul Whisperer
Cassie Jeans is a #1 best selling author and a dedicated leader for women who want to fully embrace all aspects of their soul and take full ownership of their life. She is an advocate for the transformational power self-worth has in a woman's life and has a gift of eradicating self-doubt and limiting beliefs using the power of words, practical step-by-step solutions and the wisdom of intuition. She is interested in what lights up a person's soul and guides them to see that by following that path alone all other core desires will naturally fall into place.
Transformation & Strength Coach
Darlene, as a Mom, Coach and advocate for mental health, fully understands the needs and benefits of moving the body.

Having spent 15 years in the fitness industry, Darlene knows all about the deep societal need to get those head clearing endorphins flowing. Proper nutrition, fresh air and and physical movement that you enjoy, is the language she both speaks and embodies! 

Join Darlene Saturday morning for a natural dose of dopamine!

Transformation & Strength Coach
Angela uses fitness as the catalyst to help women transform and elevate, leading them to overcome the confusion and frustration with diet and exercise so that they can get results, hone their power, and become #strongAF. When a woman is empowered & confident, she builds healthy partnerships in her love life; she leads a family unit, and models a healthy way of being for her children. She offers a vibration that contributes to the expansion of all humanity. An elevated woman pays it forward 100 fold.

Author & Soul Whisperer
Shannon Miller is a Grief Guide, Speaker, Author and traumatic grief survivor. Sharing openly and honestly, Shannon talks about all things that is grief, in hopes of showing others how they, too, can find joy and purpose after the shattering loss of a loved one.
Speaker, Coach, Poet
Saira Amjad is a Pakistani-Canadian poet, best-selling author, certified coach, ex-corporate professional, business woman, single mom, and a self-love advocate. Her debut book, And So She Rises, quickly became an international bestseller on Amazon. It is a deeply intimate collection of poems about her struggle through a failed arranged marriage, a suicide attempt, sexual abuse, and pressures to be “the perfect Muslim woman,” and her journey to learn how to love herself.

Saira has emerged as a strong and compassionate woman who is an inspiration for men and women around the globe. As a coach, she helps women break free of the chains, embrace the goddess within, and build a fabulous empire. Saira is on a mission to empower and educate individuals because she strongly believes that no one should ever have to live in abuse, fear, lack, or depression.
Business & Mindset Coach, Speaker & Podcast Host
 Angela loves to help people. She is a doer and a thinker. Her brain never stops. She loves to be creative but doesn't always give herself the time to do it. She has had her share of ups and downs but it's helped her realize that her purpose in life is to HELP OTHERS. To help them through a rough time, a bad day or to connect them with ideas and positive thinking to help themselves through. And to be the best that they can possibly be. Angela has learned a lot in life and most importantly that "done is better than perfect" and sometimes you need to "just start".

Now ...
Where you may have seen our Speakers before!
Sarah Swain is a former 9-5 corporate hustler turned lifestyle entrepreneur on a mission to raise the frequency of Canada, one woman at a time. Sarah jumped into entrepreneurship with both feet and never looked back. Now running a multi-faceted business of her own, Sarah recognizes that every woman has the power within her to make waves, move mountains and blaze trails. In fact, she craves the idea of women harnessing what already exists within them. Sarah is the Visionary behind The Great Canadian Woman platform because she  believes on a cellular level that together, we can make a massive impact.  The Great Canadian Woman platform is a stage for Canadian women to share their stories, businesses, services, insight and expertise. It comes in the form of a 5-star podcast, business coaching services, an annual Summit, and a collaborative book with 15 beautiful Canadian Souls, launching at Summit!

Sarah saw a need for high vibe, impactful and meaningful events in Canada, so she decided to just create them and invite everyone to come. So come!  You will not regret this investment because the woman you show up as, is but a snippet of the woman you'll go home as.

I can't wait to meet you!
*Agenda is subject to change*
The Summit speaker panel will be utilizing one of these incredible lake homes for the weekend! Top notch service and additional concierge services available.
Conveniently located right next to the venue. You will pay premium prices here, but the location and hotel itself are top notch!

Prices $300+/night
(This venue may offer a block discount. Will advise here if so).
Taboo Muskoka
Beautiful setting! Approximately 10 minute drive from resort to the venue. 

Prices $250+/night
A good option if you are looking for a more economical stay. It is within walking distance of the venue as well. It appears as though rooms have been updated as well, so the value is good.

Prices $90+/night
Lone Pine Inn Rooms & Cottages
Located about a 7 minute drive from the venue. You could also walk (about 30 minutes).You can rent rooms OR cottages here.

Prices $120+/night
Bed & Breakfasts
Look for B&Bs in Gravenhurst. Bala & Bracebridge are also options (20 minutes or so from venue).

Prices $100+/night
Muskoka Rose
On the smaller an cozier side! Great lakefront location. Approximately 5 minutes from the venue.

Prices $150+/night
A great way to experience Muskoka and save some money is to stay in a cottage with a bunch of your friends! Just be sure to map your distance from the venue accordingly!
Vacation Rentals by Owner
If you're going the Airbnb route, check out VRBO, too! There may be some additional options here for you, and vic versa. Again, be sure to map your distance from the venue accordingly!

Are tickets refundable?
No, but they can be transferred by sending an email to with the current and new ticket holder first name, last and and email. 

Do guests need to be on a list for registration?
Yes. If a value pass was purchased, all ticket holders must be listed on the registration list in order to gain entry. Please e-mail to ensure all names of your guests (value pass) are recorded.

Is there an even waiver?
Yes. An event waiver will presented during registration. The waiver must be signed prior to entry.

Is accommodation included in the ticket price?
No. The General and Value Admissions grant access to Saturday and Sunday full event days, private marketplace and Saturday evening Gala. Accommodations are at the discretion of the attendees. Information and suggestions for accommodations will be provided via email to the ticket registrants. There will be anything from campgrounds to AirBNBs to luxury resorts to choose from!

Is there an affiliate program?
We have decided not to move forward with the affiliate program at this time. However, current affiliates will still be honoured, and there is a space on the payment form for the new ticket holders to indicate who referred them. The original affiliate program payout of 10% of gross ticket sales will be honoured.

What type of clothing should I pack?
We encourage you to wear comfortable clothing during general session, as you will be seated for the majority of the day. You will need comfortable workout clothes for Saturday morning as you will be able to choose between a light working, or a yoga flow to start your weekend. It is recommended you pack an outfit that makes you feel radiant for the Saturday evening Gala and private VIP Event! Weather pending, components of the weekend events will be held outside and due to the time of year it is recommended you have a sweater and/or a jacket. Athletic shoes and yoga mats are recommended as well for Saturday morning.

Is lunch included?
No. Breaks for lunch will be provided and attendees can choose from a variety of local food to purchase from. Or, pack your own and save some cash!

Is the VIP event open for everyone?
The VIP event is 18+, and available until tickets have sold out!

Can teenagers attend on Saturday and Sunday?
Yes. Teenage girls between the ages of 13 and 17 can attend for FREE with a ticket holding adult. Students between the ages of 18 and 25 are also encouraged to attend and can take advantage of 50% off regular ticket price. Please email for more information.

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